Tehran at a glance

Persian Wonders tours to Iran priority is your comfort. Hence, explore Iran’s fascinating capital with over its 250 years of history and modernity with peace of mind.

One reason that Tehran is loved by most tourist is diversity of lifestyles. Also, the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants. Tehran’s population varies between 15 to 8.5 during the day. Therefore, we planned to be in the best places at the best time.

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Milad Tower-Tehran at night


First, the Treasury of National Jewels. In sum, It houses an extensive collection of antiques of historical, national and aesthetic significance. Hence, a must see. 

Then a visit  to Golestan Palace. In fact, a UNESCO world heritage site in central Tehran. Indeed, a masterpiece of the 18th century.

Afterwards, is Sa’ad Abad Complex. In short, this tourist attraction site is consists of 300 hectares of garden and palaces. In fact, offering diverse architecture, museums, art galleries and much more. 

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Treasury of National Jewels
Tours to Tehran -Gulestan Palace
Golestan Palace
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Sa'ad Abad Palace

Next is National Museum of Iran. Consist of two sections. Firstly, the Museum of Ancient Iran. showcasing the foremost collection of archaeological and cultural treasures.

Secondly, The museum of Islamic Era. Without a  doubt a stunning collection of arts and antiquities .This includes calligraphy, carpets and much more. In the meantime, a visit to Tehran Grand Bazaar.

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National Museum of Iran

Exploring Tehran's Night life

Tehran offers wide range of nightlife activities. In fact, Tehran is very alive at nights. Hence, we have chose your hotel locations(both 4 & 5*) to easily access to its nightlife attractions. 

Best time to meet the locals. As well as enjoying your adventure around the city.

Enjoying your holidays in Tehran is our aim. 

Above all, either you like shopping or going to a nice cafe,  there is something for you to do at night times.

Hence, the map below shows different type of activities between Tehran’s attractions. Specifically,made for Persian Wonders customers to enjoy your time the way you like. 

Tehran attraction Map
Tehran attraction Map
  • 1. Darband: A hiking trail by the mountains. Also, number of restaurants and cafes. Therefore, a nice place to have dinner.
  • 2. Tochal Mountain. A hiking trail. In particular its entertainment facilities. For example Gondola lift, Bungee jumping and more. Also nice cafes and restaurants.
  • 3. Tajrish Bazaar. Browse photographic Tajrish with its many restaurants. Moreover, shopping complexes.
  • 5. Mellat Park. One of the city's largest green spaces. Also includes a small free zoo.
  • 6. Pasdaran Street. In brief, restaurants and cafes precinct.
Central Tehran
  • 7. Koohsar Forest Park. Indeed, a nice view. Also, gliding facilities.
  • 8. Tabiyat Bridge. First connecting two beautiful parks. Additionally, several restaurants and much more.
  • 9. Torghabe Traditional Restaurant. In essence, fine cuisines and live music.
  • 10. Milad Tower. Obviously a landmark in Tehran. Thus, experience amazing views or dine in the five star restaurant.
  • 11. Saei Park: Enjoy a free bird sanctuary. In contrast with its well-fed domestic cats.
  • 12. Souhravardi Street: A local cafe precinct.
  • 13. Iranian Artist Forum Park. Meet the locals. Also listen to buskers, performances and cafes. Moreover, next by is Shabestan restaurant offering traditional music and nice food.
  • 14. Laleh Park. Also surrounding suburbs includes Vali-Asr and Enghelab Squares.

Finally, this is our recommendation list. So, do not hesitate to contact us for more.

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