A Visit to Abyaneh Village

Persian Wonder Tours To Abyaneh Village

Our tours to Iran from Australia includes visiting picturesque Abyaneh Village. Also known as the Red Village because of its red soil and houses. 

Abyaneh is a 2500 living museum of history and traditions. You will find the stepped, uniform architecture fascinating. Especially when you discover the ornate carved wooden doors. 

Abyaneh is mainly watered by the River of Barzrud. As a result, it has a cool climate.


Abyaneh Village-Tours Iran​
Abyaneh Village

Enjoy walking through colourful fields of wheat, barley, potatoes, apples, pears and apricots irrigated by the River. 

Abyaneh has withstood modernization and retained its traditional integrity in terms of architecture, costume and dialect.

The local clothing for example is in a style of great antiquity. Meaning, the traditional costumes of the locals will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to ancient times.

The language spoken by the people of Abyaneh is Parthian Pahlavi.  In other words, not the usual language spoken around the country.

Abyaneh has multi floor buildings made of mud bricks, clay and wood. And all these together, adds to beauty of this little village.

With a unique reddish hue, the Village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round

Tours to Abyaneh Village-Iran include visiting:

  • The Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Dating back to 200-600 AD.
  • Abyanheh Castle
  • Three mosques: one of which is in the process of being made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • A pilgrimage site
tours Iran-Abyaneh Village
iran Abyaneh tour
Abyaneh Village tour

Above all, there are restaurants and cafes to have lunch. Also you can buy beautiful souvenirs and talk to the locals. Great place to take lots of pictures.

Finally, it is Abyaneh’s peacefulness that makes all its visitors wishing to go back again.

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Read More about Abyaneh Village at the UNESCO tentative list.

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