The Wonders of Kashan

Travel to Iran with Persian Wonders tours to delightful oasis city of Kashan on the edge of the Maranjab Desert. One of Iran’s most alluring spots, offering architectural wonders; an atmospheric covered bazaar and a UNESCO listed garden. 

Since 1051, Kashan has been famous for its  high quality artisan crafted textiles, pottery and tiles. It is also one of the oldest and most significant producers of Persian carpets

Historical Houses

Kashan has multiple famous historical houses and mansions. Such as Abbasian or Tabatabaei house. These historical buildings have been homes to governors, wealthy merchants and other powerful Iranians. Today these sensational buildings operate as museums, restaurants, hotels and more. 

BOUROJERDIHA HOUSE: Visit the famous unusual 40 m high wind towers. Made from stone and sun-baked bricks. These towers ensure air flows keep the basements cool using ancient Persian air conditioning technology. Enjoy the courtyard’s wells, pools, fig trees, grapevines and pomegranates. 

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Kashan Bazaar

This 800 year old trading hub offers stunning architecture including its multi-domed roof and Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section. Inside diverse and colourful goods of vibrant designs abound along kilometres of shops.  Not only is this bazaar an economic and trade centre, but it’s also a place for social gatherings, public festivities and even royal feasts.  Visit nearby mosques, tombs, caravanserais, arcades, baths and water reservoirs.  

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Kashan Bazaar
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Aghabozorg Mosque

The Wonders of Maranjab Desert

  • The  mesmerizing beauty of desert sand dunes transforming in the wind. Some dunes may be up to 40 m high.
  • Vast desert plains vegetated with exotic local species.Such as the Tamarisk tree.
  • Enjoy sighting local fauna. Such as eagles and reptiles.
  • Visit Maranjab Caravansary. An impressive hotel for those travelling the Silk Road in 1500. The Caravansary has twenty-nine rooms in its massive 3500 sq m.  Also, there is a salt lake, fresh-water and huge pool. 

Other Wonders of Kashan

  • Tepe Sialks: a large ancient archaeological site, about 9000 years old. 
  • Fin Garden: completed in 1590. Fin Garden is the oldest public garden in Iran. It was given World Heritage listing by UNESCO in 2012. It is also home to Kashan’s Fin Bath where a famous political assassination occurred in 1852. 
Sialk Hills- Archaeological Site
Sialk Hills

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