The Wonders of Yazd

Our tours from Australia to Iran is planned that you feel home and Comfortable.  Also welcoming you to visit  the most of this amazing city has to offer. Amidst immense desert in central Iran, Yazd has UNESCO World Heritage listing for its ancient mud architecture and also its’ :

  • Roof-top Badgirs or ancient cooling systems.
  • Winding lanes.
  • Qanat (underground water reservoirs).
  • Ice houses and pigeon towers.In short, these are only a few of its attractions to name. 

Yazd is an endless adventure and must-see destination.We planned to show you its top tourist attractions.


historical city of Yazd
Historical City of Yazd
Iran yazd
Dowlat Abad Garden
fire temple
zoroastrian Fire Temple

City Land Marks

Your tour guide will show you the most outstanding landmarks of Yazd. Such as Amir Chakhmaq complex and surroundings neighborhoods.

Opening hours are different in Yazd compared to for example Tehran or Isfahan. There are shopping districts and museums open till late evening times. So We make sure to show you as much as possible.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple is the place of worship for Zoroastrians. The fire inside have been burning since about 470 AD. 

Explore the temple as well as the art gallery depicting the Zoroastrian life and traditions.

The Tower of Silence

This structure was used for funerary purposes by Zoroastrians. 

A nice half day trip worthwhile a visit.

Dolat Abad Garden

This glorious Iranian garden includes a residence built in 1750. 

A superb pavilion of intricate latticework and stained glass. Also visit Iran’s and the world’s tallest Badgir. In other words, the wind catching cooling system. 

In the mean time enjoy the estate’s traditional artisan stores.

The Outskirts of Yazd

Visit  a third century three-story castle about 30 km of the city. Offering much to explore inside and around. For example a caravanserai and much more.

Tours to Iran from Australia

Especially, the tower view of the desert to Shirkuh Mountain, highest peak of the region is breath-taking.

Above all, Yazd has its own traditional food, dessert and sweets . So, let your tour guide know what you looking for.

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Tours from Australia

Tours from Australia