Itinerary 2

Nature & Food Adventure Tour

Persian Wonders guided tours to Iran are thoroughly planned to provide travelers from Australia best sites,food and accommodation for best prices.  

guided tours to Iran Australia




GROUP SIZE: Min 4, Max 8



  • Tehran: 
  • While being transferred from IKA-Airport, Tehran to your hotel, see the magnificent Azadi Tower.
  • After a brief rest lunch is provided at your hotel.*
  • Marvel at The Treasury of National Jewels, which houses the dazzling wonders of past Shah’s collections of gems and jewellery, including The Crown Jewels of Iran, unsurpassed for their splendor.
  • Back to your hotel. You are free to explore the local park and shops.
  • Dinner  at your hotel. (*Indicates is included in your package).

    2. Tehran:

  • Breakfast is available at your hotel.*
  • First a visit to The National Museum of Iran: includes the Museum of Ancient Iran and Museum of the Islamic Era. 
  • Then, a Persian bazaar for traditional and varied Iranian cuisine.
  • After that, visit the Grand Bazaar from where it’s a 10 minute walk to Golestan Palace, a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Use the provided map to explore Tehran’s night life and ask for assistance to visit the destinations of your choice.

    3. Tehran:

  • After breakfast*, rendezvous in the hotel lobby.
  • Visit The Sa’dabad Complex: 180 hectares of gardens and 18 main buildings, including the palaces of the current Iranian King.
  • Then, Lunch at The Sa’dabad Complex Restaurant. *
  • Following that, Visit museums, art galleries or continue enjoying the 300 hectare Sa’dabad Complex gardens.
  • Finally, Return to your hotel and then explore the sites of Tehran We leave early tomorrow, so we recommend an early night.

     4. Kashan:

  • Rendezvous in the hotel lobby after breakfast.*
  • Then depart Tehran and we head 350km to Abyaneh Village.
  • After arriving at Abyaneh Village; the entrance fee is covered. Choose your own lunch destination and explore the Village.
  • Next head to Kashan, 80 km away, an ancient city famous for its poets and artists.
  • Finally, arrive at your hotel in Kashan. Dine at your hotel.*

    5. Isfahan:

  • After breakfast*, then the tour departs to Aran va Bidgol to visit the Maranjab Desert OR stay in Kashan to experience the beauty of this ancient city.
  • Then leave for Isfahan; approximately 250 km.
  • Next arrive at your hotel.
  • Finally, enjoy dinner at your hotel*. Your tour guide is available to take you on a tour around the city. 

   6. Isfahan:

  • First  of all breakfast at your hotel.*
  • After that, explore Naqshe-Jahan Square, at the heart of Isfahan. This UNESCO Heritage site is 500 years old, with two of the most beautiful mosques in the world and the Ali Qapu Palace, home to some of the most powerful Iranian kings.
  • Then your lunch is a traditional Isfahan meal and dessert.*
  • Following this iscover the treasures of Isfahan’s oldest bazaar with diverse its traditional handicrafts and artisan workshops.
  • Finally, return to your hotel

   7. Isfahan: 

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*

  • Then exploring other wonders of Isfahan: Chehel Soton, Vank Cathedral, shaking Monar Jonban, Hasht Behesht Palace,  Nazhvan Forest Park, Jame Mosque, Isfahan Music Museum.( Depending on your interest).

  • Then, lunch is another traditional treat

  • Afterwards, leave for Yazd, a 4 hour drive through magnificent Yazd province landscapes.

  • Enjoy traditional Yazd food and dessert.*

  • Finally, explore magnificent 1500 years old city of Fahadan (UNESCO)

   8. Yazd:

  • First, breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Second, a visit to Saryazd and surrounding wonders.
  • Then lunch in local restaurant for fine Yazd cuisine.*
  • Next visit the Zoroastrian Fire temple, with its fire alight since 470 AD and museum.
  • Afterwards,the Persian gardens (Dowlat Abad Gardens)
  • Finally return to your hotel.  Either eat in or at the local bazaar; explore Fahadan.

   9. Yazd:

  • After breakfast at your hotel, rendezvous in the hotel lobby.*
  • First, a visit to the Tower Of Silence an extraordinary Zoroastrian circular raised structure.
  • Then depart for Shiraz, a 7 hour drive of stunning scenery.
  • Following this the magnificent Abarkuh or Zoroaster cedar, older than four millennia and possibly the second oldest living being in Asia and lunch.
  • Then, arrive at your hotel and dine in house.*

  10. Shiraz:

  • Rendezvous in the hotel lobby after Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Then a visit to Delgosha Gardens and Vakil Bazaar.
  • Lunch is delicious Shiraz cuisine.*
  • Then explore Hafez and Sadi Tombs.
  • Finally, visit Shiraz land marks, Quran Gate and Shah Cheragh mausoleum.

  11. Shiraz:

  • Firstly, breakfast at your hotel, rendezvous in the hotel lobby.*
  • Then, travel to Pasargad Complex and Perspolis.
  • Finally return to your hotel and dine in a local restaurant.*

  12. Shiraz:

  • After breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Visit Nasir Ol Molk Mosque one the most tourist attraction sites in Shiraz.
  • Next explore Eram Garden
  • Following this, a traditional Shiraz cuisine at a local, popular restaurant.*
  • Then, Visit Karim Khan Citadel, Qavam House, Afif Abad Gardens.
  • Finally, return to your hotel.

  13. Shiraz-Qishm Island:

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Transfer to Shiraz Airport heading to Qishm Airport
  • Arrive in Qishm and transfer to your hotel.
  • Explore Qishm city centre, Bazaar and Portuguese castle 
  • Dine in-house.*

  14. Qishm Island:

  • Breakfast at your hotel*
  • Explore Khourbas cave 
  • lunch at you hotel.*
  • Explore the  Star Valley.
  • Return to your hotel.

  15. Qishm Island:

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Explore Namakdan Cave and Chahkoh canyon.
  • Lunch at local restaurant.* 
  • Explore Hara Forests.
  • Return to your hotel.

  16. Qishm Island:

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Enjoy either aquatic sports facilities or visit Crocodile Park.
  • Transfer to Qishm Airport to leave for Tabriz.
  • Arrive in Tabriz airport and transfer to your hotel.
  • Explore the city centre and Tabriz landmarks with your guided tour.
  • Dine in your hotel.*

  17. Tabirz

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Explore the Tabriz Bazaar, the largest covered bazaar in the world.(UNESCO)  
  • Lunch in local restaurant.*
  • Explore either colorful Adalaglar Mountains or stone crafted Kandovan Village
  • Return to your hotel.

  18. Tabriz

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Drive toward Gilan Province.
  • Lunch in local restaurant.*
  • Arrive in Rasht.
  • Explore Gilan Rural Heritage Museum
  • Transfer to your hotel.
  • your guided tour will take you to Rasht beach resorts for a walk along the beach and other city centre landmarks.

  19. Rasht

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Explore Rudkhan Castle
  • Traditional North of Iran lunch in local restaurant.*
  • Visit Masuleh Village
  • Return to your hotel.

  20. Rasht- Tehran

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • A short visit to Lahijan and Driving toward Tehran through Chalous Road one of the most beautiful road in Iran.
  • Lunch in local restaurant.*
  • Arrive in Tehran and transfer to your hotel.

  21. Return

  • Breakfast at your hotel.*
  • Transfer to IKA Airport.
Iran best tours from Australia

ACCOMMODATION: 13 nights 4 & 5 hotels.                  MEAL: 13 breakfast, 12 lunch or dinner.

REFRESHMENTS: Coffee, Tea, Snacks & Fresh fruitsTRANSPORT: Airport transfer, Private vehicle, Inland                                                                  while on transfer.                                                                                 Plane ticket                                      

VISA: Obtaining visa on your behalf.                                  INSURANCE & FEES: Travel insurance & Site entry fees.              

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Tour Departure Dates:

 Tours Departure times are:

1st November 2019-Recommended

1st March 2020-Recommended

Further Dates will be announced!

Prices start from $6000!

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A Tour Information Session will be provided prior to your departure

Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with Iranian customs and traditions prior to your departure. We strongly advise you to attend our Tour Information Session in this regard and to answer any questions you might have.

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guided tours to Iran Australia

guided tours to Iran Australia

guided tours to Iran Australia