Hand-Made tiles

Our store offers wide range of hand made tiles inspired by traditional Iranian, Middle-eastern and Spanish designs. 

Hand-made tiles unlike mass produced tiles might have irregular edges or slightly vary in size or thickness.  Since each tile is made by hand, some tiles might have different colors in the same design. Hence,making each tile unique. Moreover, no doubt that you have higher color choices when it comes to hand-made tiles.

Hand-made tiles are usually thicker than factory produced tiles. Meaning, the have higher durability. 

Using hand made tiles in your design, not only give you a chance  to choose your desired color, pattern or shape but also adds a certain warmth and style to your space by making it feel stylishly antique.


Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor project, a flooring space,  kitchen or bathroom wall we have something beautiful and unique for you!


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  • Delivery Time Frame: between 20-45 days depending on your order.
  • Delivery to door: Optional
  • Price: Send us an Email
  • Quality: Guaranteed


Consult, Design& Implement


Retaining wall water features, decorative ponds & fountains

The pond location is the primary and also an important part of making any pond. Ponds are usually built along the length of the house and in accordance with the slope of the land. 


After consultation with our professional team and chosen the best location, is time to decide about the pond shape. Ponds usually made in golden ratio square or rectangle , But depending on the available space and your interest, ponds could be in any shape from circle to rhombus or any other geometrical shapes.

Depending on your interest, you can make your pond to a decorative pond by adding our beautiful designed tiles and water fountains or making it to an ecosystem pond by adding plants. Reflection of the environment into still water ponds are an aesthetic characteristic of these sort pf ponds.
Water depth are usually not more than 30 cm to meet the council requirements. Hence, not needing a fence around it. But if you wish your pond look deeper, you can use darker colors for the pond base.


The benefits of having a small pond or wall waterfall at your house are:

  • Adding Value to your property
  • Completely Sustainable ( runs on solar energy with no water waste)
  • Cooling the air in hot summer days
  • Adds Extra Light to your house and garden- (Dance of light and shadow)
  • Peaceful sound of Nature is relaxing
  • Helps Natural Flora and Fauna
  • Adds Extra Beauty to your garden or courtyard

licensed Water Proofing 

Fine Screeding

High quality & Unique Design


Ecosystem pond
backbone of any ecosystem pond is grasses, sages and rushes. Eco system ponds nor only provides habitat, and slightly reduce the evaporation, but also helps oxygenating the water as well as maintain and even the temperature. 

Our strong connection with nurseries around Melbourne has enabled us to provide you with range of local plants that can turn your pond into an ecosystem pond that suits with local flora and fauna.


Read more about the Persian Gardens Here.

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